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Stubborn Toenail Fungus Treatment with Naturopathic Medicine

Monday, March 7, 2022

Toenail fungus is a bummer. I mean come on! We live in San Diego where we live half the year in flipflops! It can be challenging for many reasons. If it has been there for awhile, it is really ingrained in the tissue, under the nail and very acclimated to your toes. Those stubborn cases need something that can penetrate deep. Then there are the many, many strains of fungus that could have morphed and this is why the common over the counter fungal treatment may not have helped you. Then there is the gut, the intestinal health that influences the rest of the habitats like your skin. All these obstacles and no wonder you are not making headway on that athlete’s foot. You need answers!

One of the perfect ways of dealing with this challenge is identifying the type of yeast or the multiple strains of yeast involved, so we can treat it specifically. Why guess when we can know? Because then based on the positive strains identified on a culture exam, we can design a topical treatment to kill off the unwelcome resident on your toes. Ideally, mixing an anti-fungal with a penetrating solution will help smother that fungus. No more fungus among us!

Long term treatment and future prevention of reoccurrence includes addressing the health of your gut overall, and the balance of your microbiota housed in your microbiome. Come talk with us about identifying and treating your fungal challenges.

 – Dr Shannyn Fowl, (Naturopathic Doctor) is available for consults and Tele-health sessions on Thursdays at Community Wellness on Adams Ave.  Call 619-546-4806 to schedule today!

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